2016 Team Mission and Values

Team Mission Statement

To provide all players with an opportunity to improve their basketball skills, to enjoy and appreciate the game of basketball, to work hard and to work together as a team and to compete at a higher level for the Love of the Game.


Team Values

  • To outwork the competition on and off the court (we may lose but it will not be for a lack of effort and HARD WORK….)
  • To showDiscipline”,”Dedication”, “Determination” and above all, a “Positive Attitude” at all times, both on and off the court.
  • To be thankful and respectful towards everyone that is associated with the game of basketball. (team officials, opponents, referees, fans)
  • To play at a consistently high level regardless of the competition and gain the most valuable gift of all…EXPERIENCE AT PLAYING AT THIS HIGH LEVEL OF BASKETBALL!
  • To put the best interest of the TEAM before the interest of any one player.
  • To properly prepare for the game including rest and nutrition.