Coaching Philosophy

  • Positive re-enforcement and encouragement to all players will be at all times…..
  • The Players listen to the direction of the coaches in practice and games and apply the skills and knowledge learned. Learn to Listen…Listen to LEARN!
  • THERE ARE NO EXCUSES FOR BEING OUTWORKED OR OUT HUSTLED IN A GAME…”WE WILL NOT BE OUT-WORK…as “Hard Work will always beat Talent…if Talent does not Work Hard…..” (author unknown)
  • To combine the balance of Hard Work, Discipline and a whole lot of FUN…..
  • That practices are more important than games for young developing basketball players.
  • It is a privilege to play basketball for the S.B.A. on a Rep Team… and all the people that make it possible (parents, volunteers, team officials) should be RESPECTED AND APPRECIATED.
  • Not only improve 11 individuals players’ basketball skills like dribbling, shooting, passing, but also develop their physical fitness, mental toughness and equally as important, life skills such as teamwork and leadership.
  • 11 individuals to work/play together as a TEAM…
  • 11 individuals to believe “Yes WE Can” build dreams and BELIEVE in being a part of something special.

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